Scalar L 3D printer (30x30x30 cm)

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The Scalar L, has a print volume of 300 x 300 x 300.

  • Strong mechanic
  • Modular chassis
  • Strong and reliable motors
  • Cost efficient
  • Free 3D models for upgrades
  • Efficient heat bed

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799,99 € tax incl.

Including 1,00 € for ecotax

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Pre assembled Kit

Scalar's 3D printers are shipped including 1Kg of (PLA) 1.75 or 3mm depending on the hotend you choose (Tennis ball system not included)

We will provide certain screws and bearing already mounted on the plastic parts. The electronic is already programmed and the hot end is already assembled.

Then have a great time assembling your printer using our online documentation

Contact us if you have any issues regarding your kit ==>

Hot end

You select chat model you want depending on your usage.

1.75mm hot ends are :

  • E3D Lite6 1.75mm. provided with a 0.4mm nozzle.
    This hot end is optimized to print PLA, PETG, Flex, ABS. It can reach 240°C.
    Really great to startup 3D printing.
  • E3D V6 1.75mm. Assembled with 0.4mm nozzle.
    Full metal hot end, can reach up to 300°C without changes. Can reach 400°C using the PT100 upgrade kit.

Hot ends for 3mm filaments are :

  • E3D V6 3mm. provided with 0.4mm nozzle.
    Full metal hot end, can reach up to 300°C without changes. Can reach 400°C using the PT100 upgrade kit.
  • Hexagon 3mm. Provided with 0.5mm nozzle.
    Full metal hot end, can reach up to 300°.

Auto Bed leveling

All the Scalar 3D printer are equipped with Auto ed leveling sensors (Inductive probe)

This sensor will probe the proximity of the heat bed using up to 9 points before each print.

This will allow to compensate any heat bed deformation or miss alignments.

Heat bed

The heat bed is made using 2 aluminum plates of about 3mm thick.Springs are provided for you to adjust each corner height as you please.
A dual belt synchronization system is provided in order to get more stability from your heat bed.

The 600W, 220V Heat bed ( with EU power plug => this one can be changed), allows to reach 60°C in less than 60 seconds and 110°C in less than 3 minutes)

Check out the study we made on the Scalar XL on our blog

Videos showing the printer (French)

All is included

scalar family 3D printers

The options

2nd Blower fan

The machine is provided with 1 single blower fan at the front of the machine. The 2nd blower fan allows a better cooling of your plastic part being printed. (very useful for PLA)

Runout filament detection module

  • Allows to print several KG of filament using standard spools (0.75, 1kg)
  • Allows to print using your spools left overs
  • Will protect your prints from filament breaks during prints. This can happen if you filament is left under too much humidity.
  • Allows to change filament (to another color for example) during the print

Chassis Re-Inforcements

  • Reduces vibrations on top of the structure.
  • Increase the chassis surface where you can attach things, tools etc....
  • Allows to move the printer more easily

TFT Touch Screen

  • Allows an easy access to key features (positioning etc...)
  • Allows the use of USB keys as Gcode storage (Fat 16/32)
  • Allows to recover from a power shortage.
  • Can be connected to an UPS (inline) through a TTL output

Titan Extruder

  • This extruder is made using Injected and CNC machined parts
  • It's provided with a 3:1 reducer giving you more torque, more extrusion definition, but reducing slightly the maximum extrusion speed

PS_On Module

  • Allows to shut down your printer once his print s are finished! (provided without any plastic enclosure)
  • Allows to save extra Electricity expanses, and plays a nice role for environmental preservation.

Cleaning bits and needles

Available under different diameter and types
These cleaning needles/bits can in certain case cope with clogged nozzles without un-mounting them

Stainless steel nozzles

  • Allows to print abrasive filaments such as Carbone, Kevlar, etc...
  • Steel also has special heat properties that makes some differences when you heat up different kinds of plastics

Tools you will need

- Small pliers with long tips, to remove plastics left overs before the print starts
- Side recycle bin, to keep you print area clean
- Smooth spatulas to remove your prints without damaging your print surface
- Small cutting pliers to cut the endings of your filament. It makes it easier to insert the filament inside extruders
-Acetone to cleanup your kapton tape when it's too dirty

3D models

Every parts of the printer is available on our thingiverse page.


The firmware is a generic version of Marlin, It's pre-loaded inside the printer controller.


Y Axis: Helix drive system

Filament usage Caution

It is highly recommended to equip your printer with a hood for capturing micro particles created during printing, and an air exhaust system outwards.

If it is not the case, it is advisable to place the printer in a room where you do not stay when printing.

It is imperative to ventilate the room, at least after each print to recycle the air.

We strongly recommend the PLA, a biodegradable plastic and 10x less dangerous than the ABS, which potentially release toxic gases such as carbon monoxide and hydrogen cyanide when printing.

Data sheet

Stepper drivers resolution16 micro steps
Print size (lxWxH)30cm x 30cm 30cm
Stepper drivers5X A4988
Printer size (lxWxH)60cm x 56cm x 65cm
Operating temperature10-30°C (50 - 86°F)
Layer thicknessfrom 50 microns up to 1/2 nozzle size
Heat Bed supportYes
Print surface material3mm Aluminum
Heat Bed safety thermal fuseYes, calibrated to 140°C (284°F)
Heat bed insulationYes
Heat bed power supply voltage220V AC
HeatBed heat time PLA 25°C-60°C (77°F-140°F)1 minute
HeatBed heat time PLA 25°C-110°C (77°F-230°F)3 minutes
Recommended nozzle size0.4mm
Supported plastic typesPLA, ABS
Supported Filament diameter1.75mm or 2.85/3mm
Auto bed LevelingYes - by Inductive probe
Thermal Runaway safetyYes - Handled by firmware
Virtual end stopsYes - MAX End stops are virtual
Chassis structure30x30mm aluminum extrusion
Modular chassisYes
SD card readerYes - Integrated to the LCD display
LCD displayYes - 20x4 characters
USB printingYes
CPU typeAtmega 2560 - r3, 16Mhz, 8-Bit , 256 Kbytes program memory, 4KBytes EEPROM memory, 8KBytes SRAM
Motor resolution1.8° / step
Motors dimensions (L, W, H)Nema 17


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Scalar L 3D printer (30x30x30 cm)

Scalar L 3D printer (30x30x30 cm)

The Scalar L, has a print volume of 300 x 300 x 300.

  • Strong mechanic
  • Modular chassis
  • Strong and reliable motors
  • Cost efficient
  • Free 3D models for upgrades
  • Efficient heat bed


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