Scalar XL 3D printer, large volume, pre-assembled kit

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  • Strong mechanic
  • Modular chassis
  • Strong and reliable motors
  • Cost efficient
  • Free 3D models for upgrades
  • Increased Safety
  • Performant heatbed

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Pre assembled kits

Our 3D printers are kits sold "pre assembled".

This means that we install all the bearings, most of the screws, plug and play PSU, electronic is already programmes and the hot end already assembled.

We provide an E3D V6 hotend. One of the most famous hotend. Mounted with a 0.4mm nozzle.

E3D provides a large choice of nozzle with different diameter and different material that allow you to print every possible filament.

Then it's up to you to build what remains using our online documentation, illustrated with more than 600 pictures, and also a few youtube video tutorials

Contact us at if you want us to customize the LCD welcome message for you with your pneudo or whatever you want (13 caracters)

1Kg of 3mm plastic is provided in the kit


The firmware and the update procedure is available here:

Associated 3D models:

All our 3D models can be downloaded freely online.

You can visit the dedicated page here : 3D models for Scalar 3D printer

scalar family 3D printers

Scalar XL 3D printer main features

Scalar Xl and Scalar M 3D printers specifications

Scalar M and Scalar XL specification chart

Filament usage caution

It is highly recommended to equip your printer with a hood for capturing micro particles created during printing, and an air exhaust system outwards.

If it is not the case, it is advisable to place the printer in a room where you do not stay when printing.

It is imperative to ventilate the room, at least after each print to recycle the air.

We strongly recommend the PLA, a biodegradable plastic and 10x less dangerous than the ABS, which potentially release toxic gases such as carbon monoxide and hydrogen cyanide when printing.

Data sheet

Stepper drivers resolution16 micro steps
Print size (lxWxH)40cm x 30cm x 35 cm
Stepper drivers5X A4988
Printer size (lxWxH)80cm x 47cm x 60cm
Operating temperature10-30°C (50 - 86°F)
Layer thicknessfrom 50 microns up to 1/2 nozzle size
Heat Bed supportYes
Print surface material3mm Aluminum
Heat Bed safety thermal fuseYes, calibrated to 140°C (284°F)
Heat bed insulationYes
Heat bed power supply voltage220V AC
HeatBed heat time PLA 25°C-60°C (77°F-140°F)1 minute
HeatBed heat time PLA 25°C-110°C (77°F-230°F)3 minutes
Recommended nozzle size0.4mm
Supported plastic typesPLA, ABS
Supported Filament diameter3mm
Auto bed LevelingYes - by Inductive probe
Smoke detector compatibilityCompatible with MQ2 module
Thermal Runaway safetyYes - Handled by firmware
Virtual end stopsYes - MAX End stops are virtual
Smooth RodsRust proof chromed steel rods
Chassis structure30x30mm aluminum extrusion
Modular chassisYes
SD card readerYes - Integrated to the LCD display
LCD displayYes - 20x4 characters
USB printingYes
CPU typeAtmega 2560 - r3, 16Mhz, 8-Bit , 256 Kbytes program memory, 4KBytes EEPROM memory, 8KBytes SRAM
Motor resolution1.8° / step
Motors dimensions (L, W, H)Nema 17, 42.3mm x 42.3mm x 47mm
Motor weight0.4 KG / Motor
Motor lead wires4
Motors lead wire length4 x 1m + 1 x 1.2m
Pulley typesGT2 2mm 16 teeth
Timing belt typeGT2 2mm
Mecanical resolutionX, Y Axis: 10 microns; Z Axis : 6.25 microns
Compatible slicersCura, Slic3r, MatterControl
System requirementsWindows 7 SP1, Open GL 2.1 , 2GB Ram
FirmwareOpensource Marlin Firmware (
Weight14 KG
ModelScalar XL
Tête chauffanteE3D V6 3mm (nozzle 0,4mm)


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Scalar XL 3D printer, large volume, pre-assembled kit

Scalar XL 3D printer, large volume, pre-assembled kit

  • Strong mechanic
  • Modular chassis
  • Strong and reliable motors
  • Cost efficient
  • Free 3D models for upgrades
  • Increased Safety
  • Performant heatbed


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