3Dtox the 3D printer air purifier


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Easy to install

compatible with most FDM 3D printers

Pre-assembled kit, ready to work within 10 minutes

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3Dtox is the ideal accessory to safely use your 3D printer

All FDM 3D printer are generating potentially toxic gazes and particles when depositing fused filament.

It is often possible to enclose your 3D printer inside an enclosure with air extraction or filtration.

3Dtox is a simple solution that will secure your 3D printer environment preventing users from the toxic emissions.

Emission de particules par une imprimante 3D en fonction du matériau utilisé

particles emission from a working 3D printer (source)

The smallest particles can easily be fixed inside human body.
With 3Dtox, Most of them will be canceled by the internal filter.

How it works

3Dtox acts like a vacuum cleaner as close as possible of the location where most of the particles are generated.

Most of these are absorbed (it depends on the environment, temperature, ventilation, etc...)

The included filter was chosen in order to cope with the known particles generated by most common plastics (PLA, ABS, PETG etc..)

3Dtox also sucks up all the gazes generated (depends on the type of filament, color, additives, etc....)

An intuitive display inform you about the total use duration as well as the status of the filter. It automatically put itself in sleep mode after 3 minutes. A single push on the front yellow button will wake it up.

3Dtox sucking up all particles

Youtube Reviews

MakerZ  - 3DTox on Scalar 3D printers

La chaîne connectée - 3DTox on Hephestos2 3D printers

Installation & Compatibility

All you need to do is to download the 3D model of the nozzle tip compatible with your 3D printer and print it.

You can also design your own.

If you cannot find the proper nozzle tip, make sure to contact us with the subject "3Dtox nozzle tip" at contact@3dmodularsystems.com

Life span

Once 3Dtox is powered up, the clock is running!

You can follow up the total time of use of your 3Dtox.

A light indicator will inform you when to change the filter in order to always have an optimal filtration system.

This counter can also be used to know how long your printer has been printing. ( for fablabs or maintenance for example).

Filter change

This step is very easy to do by simply following the provided documentation.

You can change your filter whenever you want, however the display and the light indicator will tell when when it's the best moment to do so.

Once changed, simply push the yellow button for 10seconds in order to tell 3Dtox that you replaced the filter

For Scalar 3D printers

3Dtox end nozzle for Scalar 3D printers

You will need to switch your front blower fan location from front to back! This part will allow the blower fan located at the back to properly cool down the printed part: BlowerFanHolder_Long_Simple.stl 

You can check our dedicated studies on which particles/gazes are generated by 3D printers

The nozzle tips

this dedicated page will give your the link to the nozzle tip for your 3D printer

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3Dtox the 3D printer air purifier

3Dtox the 3D printer air purifier

Easy to install

compatible with most FDM 3D printers

Pre-assembled kit, ready to work within 10 minutes

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