Main 3D Models

All these models can be found on thingiverse:

Scalar XL and Scalar M:

Kickstarter_Promo_photo_preview_featuredMain models:
Oblique_preview_featured.jpgElectronic box / casing V2.0 :
Oblique_preview_featured.jpgElectronic box / casing V2.5 :
Extruder_Arm_preview_featured.jpgMedikit for Scalar 3D printers:
tennis_ball_watermark_1_preview_featuredTennis ball dampening system:


   30° or 45° extruder holder :  
Enhanced fork holder for belt tensioner:
Metal idler fork holder for belt tensioner:
Bowden to Direct extruder adapator:
Extended Fork for Scalar XL X axis belt tensioner:
ca9336f0bae1ef1e4f7551bab153210b_previewCompact Y Axis Upgrade:
5132fda9d016237de334162db32b579e_previewCompact Nut adatptors for Trapezoidal TR08X1.5 holders or to M8 Nuts:
5132fda9d016237de334162db32b579e_previewUpgrade Z Axis SFU1204 Ball screw:
5132fda9d016237de334162db32b579e_preview Compact Nut Adaptors for SFU1204 Holders to M8 + Tr08x1.5 nuts:
9d9625143e7e58e329b5ff16034e689f_preview1.75mm extruder for Scalar 3d printers. :
26075dd71945ad6b169f2c48d886285c_previewScalar Electronic box cover for power connectors:
54d60f4b3ecc0f43b6ac4510f6458632_previewScalar Chassis corner cover:

Supports de têtes chauffantes:

E3D: hot end support
Prometheus hot end support:
AluHotEnd V6/V7 hot end support:
AllInOne hot end support:

3D printers goodies:

Support pour accessoires de tête chauffante AllInone :È

Spool holder stabilizer:
Long clips for 3030 aluminum extrusions :
pen sharpener holder for 3030 aluminum extrusions:
80mm fan grid:
360W Block PSU casing:
Simple vibration dampener for 3030 aluminum extrusions:
Smoke detector plastic parts/casing:
UFO like spool holder for 3030 aluminum extrusions :
ec6f3f732e5d4bc10493d2fb3e9d5b5d_previewSupport for AllInOne Accesoires :

Autres Goodies:

End cap for 3030aluminum extrusion :
Panel mount voltmeter LCD casing for 3030 aluminum extrusions:
3030 aluminum extrusion joint :
Business card Holder:
Business card stand :
Toothpaste saver/squeezer :
Tablet stand (max width 17mm):
Igus to LMxUU converter:
"Lite" electronic box/casing for Arduino Mega + Ramps :
Raspeberrry pi 2/B+ case compatible with 3030 aluminum extrusion:
a194e55ad2647db5517165259c5a0fd4_previewSide square holder for 3030 aluminum extrusions:


Calibration set:

Your creations:

827091bc666b2e111e4f4764912ac406_preview80mm fan grid :
827091bc666b2e111e4f4764912ac406_previewAllInOne BlowerFan:
827091bc666b2e111e4f4764912ac406_previewT Slot M3 ultra low profile vibration damper adapter :
afdf167938aa46cdb78c3843cd67a17b_previewFilaPulley (Filament Support Pulley & arm) :