PS_ON Kit - auto power off your reprap 3D printers


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Parts for automatic power off of your reprap 3D printer.

It supports PS_ON feature available on Marlin Firmware.

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Kit contains

  • 1 Static relay
  • 1 momentary switch 10A 380VAC
  • 1 meter of 24AWG with 1x 2 pin Dupont connector and 1x 3 pin connector
  • 1 jumper
  • 2 M4x10 screws for static relay
  • 2 M4 Nuts for static relay
  • 20 cm of silicon insulated wires
  • 3cm thermo retractable wire
  • 3 cable ties
  • 6 pcs m3x8 thermo

The kit doesn't contain

  • The power supply cable
  • The plastic enclosure

This kit requires:

  • 1 PSU cable compatible with the power supply you are using


This kit makes compatible you power supply with "PS_ON" feature of certain firmwares (Marlin).

It allows to shut down automatically any Power supplies when your prints are finished.


The assembly manual is available here


  • Firmware: Marlin and other supporting "PS_ON" features (Gcodes M80 / M81)
  • Electronic boards: Ramps1.4 and similar (check that "PS_ON" pin is available)


PS_ON ramps 1.4

Schéma de câblage du kit PS_ON

Enclosure box for PS_ON kit

A plastic enclosure is available for free download here

The enclosure allows to integrate the SSR and the switch inside the same box

Holes on each sides allows to insert power cable through the system.

Instructions de câblage


  1. Take your power supply cable
  2. Cut it in half
  3. Denude the 2 ends and leave 5cm of wires (Blue, brown and yellow/green)
  4. Pass both sides of the wire through the holes. The side with the Power plug goes on the right, and the other side for going to the PSU goes on the left.
  5. Connect the sides of the blue wires on the Static relay outputs (1 and 2)
  6. Use the 20cm electric wire provided in the kit to connect the output 2 of the SSR to the terminal 23 from the switch
  7. The other part of the wire is to connector terminal 24 of the Switch to the output 1 of the SSR
  8. Solder back wires of your Power cable  inside the box (brown wire with brown wire and yellow/green wire with yellow/green wire.
  9. Secure the power cable using cable ties into the special grooves located near the box holes on the left of the box.
  10. Now use the 1 meter wire (24AWG) with dupont terminals
  11. Cut the 2 pin connector
  12. Denude the left over red and black wires
  13. Pass them through the small hole on the left.
  14. Connect the red wire on intput 3 of the SSR (with + marking)
  15. Connect the Black wire On the input 4 of the SSR (with - marking)

Closing the enclosure

You can now close your enclosure .

  1. Before doing that, remove the cap of the switch by pushing the white push button on the side of the switch. This will allow you to remove the cap of the switch
  2. Place the top of the enclosure and use 4 thermoplastic screws (M3x8)
  3. Put back the top of the switch
  4. Connect the red and black wire to your Ramps board as described above.

Final check

Once the system is connected to the power supply of your 3D printer, your printer should start up when you push the button once.

In order for your 3D printer to shutdown, use the LCD screen and navigate to "Prepare> Shut down"

Your printer should switch off.

Switch your printer down when your print finishes

In order for your 3D printer to shut down when the print is finished you will need to edit your "end.gcode" inside your slicer

M117 Waiting cooldown
M106 S255         ; Activate blower fan
M109 R40.000000          ;wait fior  temperature to reach 40
M190 R40.000000
M106 S0           ; shut down blower fan
M81                  ;ShutDown PSU
M117  Shutdown

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PS_ON Kit - auto power off your reprap 3D printers

PS_ON Kit - auto power off your reprap 3D printers

Parts for automatic power off of your reprap 3D printer.

It supports PS_ON feature available on Marlin Firmware.

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